Resurgence Roundup, 11/8/13

In the weekly Resurgence Roundup, I compile some of the most interesting content I find online, as it pertains to the church and the people God has called us to reach. Keep in mind, I don’t endorse or agree with everything you’ll see included in the roundup. 

Billy Graham’s final sermon: ‘I’ve wept’ for America

USA Today

In a video that was recorded over the past year, Graham delivers his familiar message about the saving power of Jesus Christ and expresses concern about the nation’s direction. “Our country’s in great need of a spiritual awakening,” he declares. “There have been times that I’ve wept as I’ve gone from city to city and I’ve seen how far people have wandered from God.”

Supreme Court wrestles with how ‘religious’ prayer should be at public meetings

Religion News Service

The Supreme Court struggled Wednesday (Nov. 6) with a case that asks whether government bodies can open with prayers that some people find overly religious and excluding.

American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran Transferred to More Dangerous Facility

Christian News Network

Fears are mounting following reports that an American pastor who is imprisoned in Iran has been transferred to an even more dangerous prison in the country.

ENDA and the Christian response

Denny Burk

This week the Senate is poised to take up the Employment Non-Discrimination of Act of 2013 (ENDA). The law would prohibit some religious business owners from the freedom to hire individuals who share the values of their business. . . . Andrew Walker, Director of Policy Studies with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, has graciously provided an interview to help readers think through this controversial law.

Statement by the President on the observance of Diwali

The White House

This year Democrats and Republicans in Congress joined together for the first-ever celebration of Diwali on Capitol Hill.

Minneapolis School Bus Driver Fired for Praying With Passengers

Christian News Network

A pastor who works as a school bus driver during the week recently lost his job for praying with the children who ride his bus . . . As George Nathaniel is a Christian, he says that he likes to give the opportunity for students to sing and pray to start off their day on a positive note.

New Jersey school bans religious Christmas music

Fox News

The angels will not be allowed to hark their herald nor will the little Lord Jesus sleep on the hay after a New Jersey school district announced a ban on all religious Christmas music. Constance Bauer, the superintendent of the Bordentown Regional School District, posted a message online stating someone had been questioning recent musical selections for the elementary school Christmas concerts.

Mormon church-owned company buys huge swath of Florida land

Orlando Sentinel

The Mormon church stands to own nearly 2 percent of Florida by completing a deal to buy most of the real estate of the St. Joe Co. for more than a half-billion dollars. . . . Completion of the deal will leave the Utah-based church with 678,000 acres, an area larger than any other private holding in Florida, according to widely shared but unconfirmed rankings of top landowners.

Pot and jackpots

The New York Times

Consider two issues: casino gambling and marijuana . . . both have been made possible by the same trend in American attitudes: the rise of a live-and-let-live social libertarianism, the weakening influence of both religious conservatism and liberal communitarianism, the growing suspicion of moralism in public policy.

Orson Scott Card on controversy and ‘Ender’s Game’

Deseret News

In early July, some in the LGBT community started a movement called “Skip Ender’s Game,” which aims to boycott the film in protest of Card’s remarks against same-sex marriage . . . Card said, “Character assassination seems to be the only political method that is in use today, and I don’t play that game, and you can’t defend against it . . . For those who simply want to punish you for not falling in line with their dogmas, there’s really not much you can do about it.”

Meet the new Marvel superhero: A rebellious Muslim teen from New Jersey


In the world of comics, the news of Ms. Marvel’s return to the world of Iron Man and the X-men is a big deal – and not just because the character’s alter ego is a Pakistani-American Muslim girl from New Jersey.

Lecrae’s Church Clothes 2 isn’t just for the Sunday crowd


Lecrae told MTV News, “I realized so many people in the street, so many people who were fans of hip-hop got put on by Church Clothes, and so for me, it’s like, man, it’s the perfect way to inject yourself into the vein of culture through the mixtape circuit.” Though his music is driven by his Christian faith, Lecrae doesn’t fit the stereotypical gospel rapper role.


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